S.Bingham & Co. 'The Wolsley', Rotterdam

Bingham & Co was a Dutch firm from Rotterdam, founded in 1871 by the brothers Seymour and Daniel George Bingham. The brothers came from England.
In 1884 S. Bingham started to import British bicycles. He sold different makes, including his own brand. The firm grew and in 1895 Bingham showed ten different bicycles at the Amsterdam Bicycle Show.
In 1903 Bingham started to import cars. In later years they sold bicycles again, under the brand name 'Eenhoorn'.

Original Dutch ordinaries are very rare, but this Bingham 'The Wolsley', here seen on display in the Velorama Museum, is one of them.  It is a straightforward penny farthing, nothing really special about it. Ball bearings front and rear, beautiful horn grips, hollow front fork. It's got Bown Aeolus bearings at the front and the bike was surely built in the UK. Bingham gave it his own mark, as seen on the spring. I guess it was built between 1885 en 1890.

Very nice to see this Dutch bike, and Velorama restored it in a good way, preserving the character of the bike. Brake lever is a replica.

Maybe interesting: the 'Bingham' who sold this bicycle is somenaone else than  (C.H.) Charles Bingham who was founder of the ANWB in 1883 and the Simplex bicycle factory in 1887.

The information you read here was partly found on the site of Conam, click for the link. 

Is there anyone who knows the original British firm that built this bike? If so, please send me an e-mail.